Resources & Links

This page is mostly aimed to make it easy to find the most “factual” sites on the net. These are sites that have original documents, primary sources, or books online for free.

Reformed theology

John Calvin
Portrait of John Calvin, no known restrictions
  • You can find the Westminster confession, and many other documents from a reformed perspective here. They also link out to a lot of websites that are in that same school of theology


  • Project War-wii -Wi? bal-bal-burg has them down really well here.
  • But I suggest you look of the Book of Concord, it’s the conservative Lutheran go to.

Methodist/ Wesleyan

  • These guys actually have a weak “organized” webprescense. The best site was Methodist Thinker (still online but no longer updated). I’d just go to the denominations website for source documents, yet they require more digging to track down.


  • I think this website has already built and maintained a massive list. Just go here and you’re down the rabbit hole.


Pope Gregory the Great and Saint Vitale Interceding for the Souls in Purgatory
Pope Gregory the Great and Saint Vitale Interceding for the Souls in Purgatory, Courtesy LACMA, link to source in image
  • The Vatican itself list many historical documents, papal bulls, official statements in long form. They reside online here. If you need to quote, debate, etc. its best to get it from the horses mouth as most Catholic forums use bad sources/ quotes that modify the originals
  • They have an online encyclopedia of Catholicism from about some time ago like 1901 here. It is a biased source; it is reflective of many typical attitudes today of Catholic Clergy. It’s a good source to see what they really think on something.


  • The orthodox’s current concerns are best found on this website. It’s kinda like the Patriarch’s stump
  • For their historical stuff, see the Patristics link.

Church Fathers

  • I’ve used this website a lot.
  • The alternative is project Gutenburg.

Medieval Philosophy