Policy Regarding Images on Website

Almost all images featured on the website are public domain.

This website tries to take a “for-profit” stance in regards to its use of intellectual property; however, it could stand under “fair-use” as most of the websites information is hosted free of charge and is educational in nature.

Our ad structure exist mostly to allow coverage of the hosting fees and reimbursement of volunteers that spend a lot of time and money on education.

Still, we don’t want to violate intellectual property in any way so we take a philosophy of the following:

Policy regarding “image courtesy of [SOURCE].”

Every image on the site is at least 100 years out beyond the death of the artist, rendering it public domain in the United States.

As a second level of protection, two dimensional reproductions of such works, without any editing, etc. fall under the original copyright which is expired.

This wraps a 2nd layer of protection on the images use on the website.

Most come from sources that have explicitly made the images available not only under fair use, but commercial rights. This means that there is 0 copyright conflict. All such sources have the image marked with the source “image courtesy of [SOURCE].”

Policy regarding “No Known Restrictions.”

Some images come from sources that only allow uploads under the Creative Commons marked “free for commercial use” or other databases like the wikicommons that verify as best they can that an image resides in public domain.

Lacking hard evidence in these cases, I have marked all such images “No Known Restrictions.”

This does not imply that the image is actually free for re-use, etc. And intends no infringement of the owners copyrights, etc.

Liability in such cases attaches to the source that marked the image “free for commercial use”

Please shoot them not the messenger.

Our own images

Given that we benefit so much from the public domain, any images on this website save personal photos with faces, identifying information, etc. of contributors, etc. are free to use, except in cases of defamation. We retain the copyright in case anything odd comes up.

We do recommend however that anyone seeking to use images from third party sources go to the originating website to keep clean the chain of image “custody and rights.”

We make no claims that images are indeed public domain, and any re-use of images from this sites waves all criminal and civil liability from the website operators. 

Removal Procedure

Given that there are over 130 countries, ideals change, etc. we are at all times ready to remove any image requested by the image source or copyright holder upon written notice.

Please fill out the form below stating the case, and we will remove the image and then verify the complaint. We ere on the side of caution, so we apologize to any readers that find the site image-less if such complaints occur,