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Hi everyone,

We are looking for submissions from qualified folks to Guest Post to the site. I will take idea pitches but don’t prefer them. Because I don’t want any viruses, I am asking for the submission to be filled in with raw text (as much as will go) and I will email the non-spam folks back.

Please keep all correspondence in the email as raw text.

No attachments!

A few ground rules for any work submitted:

Minimum length: 1000 words

Max: determined by footnotes

I prefer articles that are referenced, cited in Turbian/ Chicago, but I’ll take MLA. Work can have been submitted academically; due to turn-it-in and other Nazi-ware I suggest you wait till you have a final grade for the course. I learned that the hard way!

Authors need to provide a short 300 word bio and at least 1 profile link, blog link, &/or pick if accepted.

Preference is given to original-to-the-web pieces that have not been published before

Guest post form

Thank you for your interest and God bless!