Info on Visiting the House Church in Colton, CA

Service Times 11:00 AM Sunday

@ 1043 Santo Antonio Dr, Colton, CA 92324

Contact: [email protected] for more info

About us:

This little House Church in Colton, CA has been growing and shrinking over the years (Maybe 8? And there’s not even really a name yet), the two main pastors are retired women ordained in the PCUSA (but no longer affiliated).

There’s 3 M.Divs on any given Sunday, if no-one else!

But, “where-ever 2 or 3 are gathered…” 

We meet in a 1 bedroom apartment in Colton, CA right now.

Paul, the guy who runs this website, sometimes takes a turn preaching too!

Membership has been variable, sometimes 18 youths, sometimes 7 adults, right now about 4…

Yet, there has never been an advertising, etc. There is a bible study/ we can start something/ there is a lot of pastoral counseling experience/ I am willing to do discipleship training in Spiritual Discipline if you feel called to that.

To be honest, this isn’t the place to go if you want established small groups, lots of young people, buffet Christianity, etc. We’ve even some homeless folk that drop by. If you want a verse explored by Sermon, just ask… yet we preach expository and not by topic. There’s not enough people for politics; whatever the scripture verse says is what get’s preached.

This isn’t the church for Sermons on this or that “current issue” yet scripture is made relevant to the lives of the people that come in the door.

Why even post about this forgettable church in forgettable Colton, CA?

I’m taking some initiative to grow the church because of responses of visitors I’ve seen there; this really is not the group for “corporate-minded” thinkers. I think honestly “membership growth” is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind, and we really don’t have any clever-novel answers for problems facing today’s institutional churches. This isn’t a Church in Colton, CA founded for doing a new thing; rather, it’s a place where God seems to be doing something… and it’s the same something he’s done for 4,000 years plus.

Colton has a few other big Churches; for the most part San Bernardino County is rather Agnostic/ un-reached. This congregation founded when one of the last mainline congregations kicked it.

Music tends to be blended, but honestly it’s whatever we find on YouTube to sing to. Most people know the old stand-by hymns so I tend to pick those when I preach.

Worship style is rather lose; it is in-line with a typical protestant church (minus any rigmarole) by having some order to it. 

Sermons tend to be 15-25 minutes, and service (3 readings, 3 songs, Sermon, Prayer time) last about an hour. It’s a rather intimate group, and we meet because we want to praise and worship Jesus, pray, and what-not. 


Visiting will probably be a tad-awkward.

Check out the category “Sermons” (I write them out, but I don’t preach from notes) or my profile for some samples of my preaching style; I’m the newbie and there are two other preachers.