Isreal: the Real Woman at the Well in John’s Gospel

Jacob and Rachel

I preached a sermon last time John 4’s story of the “Woman at the Well” came up in the lectionary, and it turns out that many in my audience (who are Educated) liked the novelty of the thesis I used. Sometimes it’s the familiar that surprises! As the Samaritans represent the Northern Kingdom, and the Pharisees represent ideals in Nehemiah / Ezra that remove them from Israel, Jesus rapprochement shows a new inclusion of the “lost tribes”

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Why Satan is not Lucifer in Isaiah 14

The Archangel Michael Vanquishing the Devil, about 1530,

Isaiah 14 is the “source verse” for the identification of Satan as Lucifer. A theory very popular in television and movies; this is one time TV gets it wrong. The devil, it turns out is in the details. With a socio-historical reconstruction of Isaiah’s world, we might be able to cast this common historical trope out!

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