A working ideal

Religible.com was founded as a website to try and pull in as many divergent and advanced insights on Christianity as possible. There exist on the web many pages dedicated to evangelism, and there exist many pages to Christian living.

However, there is less available for Christian laymen in the “intermediate” and “advanced” categories. Even less so are there any sites dedicated to the sharing and refinement of new ways of explaining the same things. 

In part, there is a lot of religion online and a lot of stuff that exist to make Christianity easy to do.

Religible is a word that blends religion with doable, to prove that the advanced aspects of doctrine and Christian thought can produce a faith that is rather capable. And by writing and sharing our “works in progress” we all together find things a bit more legible.

We take the mind seriously

Part of the reason for exploring advanced topics, is that curiosity and inquiry are not only natural parts of human existence, but God given.

While he spoke of  it while praying in tongues, St. Paul was adamant that the mind had to be engaged as well.

“For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful.” (1 Cor. 14:14). The truth is that many Christians remain infants in their knowledge and ability to think fruitfully at what they believe. This is in the face of the fact the church is the most literate it has ever been!

While some may fear education is antithetical to faith, we who have studied science, philosophy, and a bunch of Greek and Hebrew disagree. If anything, an educated and critical faith is something very powerful and able to “test the spirits”

Public domain, Courtesy LACMA. Image link to source.

We take the walk seriously

The second part of our focus, the faucets that deal with daily life, typical struggles, and spiritual growth come from a firm conviction that while no task is inherently “holy” (shoveling manure “for the Lord” is just as Holy as Fasting 40 days) there are some things we all learn and can share about living in “the Way” because God is the same God to all his children.

For some of us, this is difficult because we take time in the closet seriously. For others, this is easy because we can not keep silent about the wonders of a fuller relationship.

My hope is to give a voice to both parties.

A few ground rules

We are a loosely moderated site. We will remove blatant spam, etc. yet our webmaster tries to err on the side of  “every opinion matters.” Yet, if it becomes an apparent flame war, it will be snuffed out!

Also, we are a site dedicated to NEW IDEAS IN THE FAITH. This means that unless an author explains explicit adherence that they may not be on the side they are arguing and only following evidence at this point.

It also means we will run afoul at some point of each others comfort zones as theologians. We’ll probably launch into

Two disciples asking if they can learn from McDermott
image public domain, courtesy of the LACMA

correctives, etc. but unless it’s really dangerous there is academic freedom in this atmosphere.

This requires the disclaimer though: Religible is explicitly Christian. Yet, the views of the authors here does not explicitly state the position of the Religible editor(s) nor does it represent the theological convictions of any of the guest authors herein.

Our hope is they don’t all agree!

Ads, etc.

One last little bit. This website isn’t free to run. Nor is it free to go get Master’s degrees and PhDs. So there are some ads, etc. on the site to cover not only the websites cost but the cost of the owners’ schooling.

Trust me, if it ever starts making serious money it is in our best business interest to give some scholarships; we are in a for profit sphere.