How to Podcast a Sermon (or Lecture)

1st get a recorder. At the most basic cellphones do a decent job. Android has it under “voice recorder.” If you have an Iphone, it’s able but I can’t tell you where. Anyways, if you’re buying Apple than you probably have money to buy the equipment. My suggestion (which I’ve used) is this one by Sony. It’s really clear/ manages most the “deciding” so the mix isn’t muddy even if the room is noisy. It also can plug into a “tape out” on a soundboard if the soundboard tech doesn’t know/ have a USB or something. I like to keep […]

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Sermons now available online

I am aware my speed of blogging really tanked… become non-existent with taking on my first Church and having to focus on Sermons and evangelism. Lots of new directions! I decided to really par down on what I didn’t need to do and to focus on the task at hand. Most my website effort has gone into making respectable. You can catch my sermons right now by following my Podcast. I’m probably going to throw down on enough hosting juice to get rid of the third party app soon. And given that Facebook is practically forcing videos and I’m […]

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Of Pluralism and Monism – And Abrahamic religion

I apologize a tad for this one being incomplete; I want to get what I have done from 6 years ago out to some folks while I work on updating it Of Dualism, Monism, and Pluralism – Why a Trinity? There is a tendency in a human logical systems to run down to a base unit of reality; there is a similarity between Buddha saying that there is a comic “one” at the bottom of it all, theist coming to one god, philosophers pointing to an unmoved mover, and a scientist looking for a singular formula. In what follows I […]

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Easter on Christmas! A sermon on the Theodicy

Auto Mechanic

It’s been a while since I gave my blog any attention. As some may know, I got my first ministry Job in New Hampshire at Epping Community Church. Yet, also in typical fashion everything went off at once so I had to move 5000 miles and had to have orthopedic surgery. Yay! Anyways, NH is the least religious state… and I am new in the pulpit… so I figured why not go for it! I write with spaces so it can be read easily. And I still don’t deliver exactly whats written. The sermon The Christmas eve service is a […]

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Materialist Christianity: “Soulless” Constitutional Humanity

DNA materialistic anthropology

“Constitutional humanity” is a materialist stance regarding human persons. It is an anthropological position that stands counter the normal idea that people have “souls.” At the same time, it is a position striving to avoid better or worse a materialist reductionist stance. Such would teach people are only material accidents. Corcoran is a theist; overall, he is closer to “scientism” than the popular Thomas Negel a secularist who also seeks a reductionist alternative but favors telic arguments.

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How History and Philosophy have shaped the Christian Soul

Lazerus' Soul, Image courtesy of Getty Open project

From ancient Greeks until today the idea of a soul has followed a complex and sometime controversial path in the Christian Church’s history. From completely non-Hebrew thought, and Arabic musings, this Greek idea has become a cornerstone of almost all Christian’s views of human nature. But for some reason, no one ask… “How did we get this idea in the first place?” Read more to find out!

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Isreal: the Real Woman at the Well in John’s Gospel

Jacob and Rachel

I preached a sermon last time John 4’s story of the “Woman at the Well” came up in the lectionary, and it turns out that many in my audience (who are Educated) liked the novelty of the thesis I used. Sometimes it’s the familiar that surprises! As the Samaritans represent the Northern Kingdom, and the Pharisees represent ideals in Nehemiah / Ezra that remove them from Israel, Jesus rapprochement shows a new inclusion of the “lost tribes”

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