John Calvin’s Radical Beliefs Regarding Eucharistic theology

Agnus Deo

The Christian church should be united around the Lord’s Table; the Church catholic is guilty of airing its grievances at and about the Lord’s Table in a way that prevents it being the unifying symbol it should. John Calvin’s beliefs about Eucharistic theology tried to build a middle way between all the paths. According to Ralph P. Martin, emeritus Professor of Fuller Seminary, modern opinions trace to a prevailing attitude of sharp antipathy during the sixteenth century and for many traditions little has changed.[1] John Calvin, Martin Luther, Zwingly, and the Catholic church all came to be representatives of the […]

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The stark Challenge of the Resurrection: Death as Enemy or Friend?

Death as Friend or Enemy

What if I were to tell you that for Christians, the belief in an Immortal Soul and the belief of the apostles creed and the New Testament, Resurrection of the Dead, were not only at odds but incompatible to the point that a person must believe one or the other? After investigating though it seems we really have to take a position on the effects and place of death itself. Do we view death as friend or as enemy? That is exactly the point Oscar Cullman makes in his book, Immortality of The Soul or Resurrection of The Dead.   […]

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How History and Philosophy have shaped the Christian Soul

While I have become increasingly troubled by the idea of “soul” in western culture, I am painfully aware that I cannot just disregard the doctrine entirely because it is a biblical metaphor. I think too much of what we mean by soul is really encapsulated in the idea seat of reason.  Yet, reason is viewed as a defining aspect of humanity and must figure into the definition of humanities essence in some sense lest our idea of humanity become a caricature. What follows is my historical reflection on the genesis of these modern ideas. It briefly explains  how these two ideas […]

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The Jesus Prayer – Hesychasm of the Eastern Orthodox

Hesychasm and Pentecost realted

The Orthodox Church is home to many traditions, and one distinct spiritual tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church is Hesychasm. Hesychasm, as defined by Christopher Johnson in his work The Globalization of Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer, is a body of traditional teachings, either written or oral, that developed around the Jesus Prayer and a wider tradition of inner prayer.[1] The term itself literally means silent [2] but is considered by its practitioners to be an active inner searching for God.[3] Hesychasm is a broad subject that can be widened to include all Eastern Orthodox monastic practices. Even the Orthodox Church’s interactions with society can […]

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Christian Hell – and what you need to know about it

Satan and Death with Sin Intervening

The question of “What the Hell?!” could theologically be re-worded into the question, “Which Hell?” Christian Hell has a few variants There are four major views on hell, and we’ll explore each one. This won’t explore if folks are going to heaven or hell, but rather just the views of what’s cooking up in the hell’s kitchen. Not wanting to go to hell is a normally sentiment; however, here I won’t discuss avoiding it. In the end however, I feel the need to not toss out the oldest option or embrace a newfangled view point, but to rather shift the question […]

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Can Evangelicals Learn From Gerald McDermott?

Gerald Mcdermott review

In Gerald R. McDermott’s book, Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions?: Jesus, Revelation & Religious Traditions, he states: “Arguably, the church’s greatest challenge in the next century will be the problem of the scandal of particularity…in reference to the idea that God revealed himself only to Jews and Christians” (McD 10 bold mine). At the end of the day; however, the real scandal was that the book was propaganda. Propeganda for a view similar Universalist, Arian, or Unitarian conclusions. But does so while trying to be “Evangelical.”   Stop trying to sell “Truth” and sell “truth” The thesis of McDermott’s […]

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